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Mr Eric Luk

Director, Sustainability and Climate, Deloitte China

Eric is a Director within Deloitte’s Sustainability and Climate Practice in Hong Kong. He plays a pivotal role in Deloitte’s Global Sustainability Reporting Standards Expert Advisory Panel, a position that underscores his expertise in the field. This panel monitors new sustainability reporting and assurance standards and provides guidance materials to help practitioners interpret and apply them, a testament to Eric’s commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainability practices.

In his current client-facing role, Eric provides comprehensive advice on a wide range of matters relating to sustainability and climate change strategies. His expertise extends to sustainable finance and managing greenwashing risks, establishing net-zero transition plans, setting ESG and Science-based Targets, ESG indices and ratings, developing training and capacity building, conducting climate risk assessment on physical and transition risk, as well as regulatory and voluntary sustainability reporting and climate-related financial disclosures. His diverse client base spans across industries such as conglomerates, banks and financial services, private equity, real estate, property management, state-owned enterprises, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, trading and retail, logistics, food and beverages, engineering, hospitality, and aviation.

Prior to his current role, Eric also held positions in other consulting firms and within listed and non-listed companies. He has more than 18 years of consultancy and management experience in Hong Kong, China, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, where he completed projects in both external consulting and internal management capacities. Outside of work, Eric is also pursuing a professional doctorate degree and conducting research specialising in sustainable finance around external reviews of sustainability-linked bonds.