FinTech Ecosystem Development Platform (FEDP)

Mr Ricky Leung

Deputy Director, Cybersecurity & Analytics, ASTRI

Ricky LEUNG is the R&D leader of the cyber security team in ASTRI. He initiated various cybersecurity and blockchain related projects with various government departments and private organizations in the fields of threat intelligence hunting and analysis, intrusion detection and prevention, malware analysis, credential sharing and privacy preserving, trusted traceability & tracking, and sustainable development.
Before entering ASTRI, he was working in Logistics and Supply Chain Multitech R&D Centre (LSCM) and Infotronic Technology Ltd. for emerging smart logistics, robotics and construction technologies. Furthermore, he co-founded and managed an technology company for over 20 years with various leading technologies. He was graduated in MPhil. of Computer Science in HKUST and BSc.(Hon) of Information Technology in City University of Hong Kong.