FinTech Ecosystem Development Platform (FEDP)

Mr Will Leung

Co-Founder (Overseas) and General Manager, QFPay HK

Mr. LEUNG is a Hong Kong native, the Co-Founder & General Manager of QFPay HK, the leading mobile payment solution provider in Hong Kong. QFPay HK has grown from zero revenue to an annual transaction volume of over $10 billion in just three years.

He is involved in the development of digital payments and decentralised finance in Asia-Pacific. Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Statistics from the University of Birmingham (UK), he often devotes himself to investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

With over 18 years of experience in the traditional finance and Fintech sectors, Will has built a good track record as an entrepreneur in startup businesses. He has contributed greatly to advocating the digital transformation among traditional business entrepreneurs, which uses, but is not limited to, the trends and application of new technologies, specifically in internet business and payment technology.